Who Should Take Sexual Harassment Training?

While it is required that employers in certain states provide sexual harassment training to their workforce, many employers in areas where this is not the case overlook its importance. States that have passed legislation enforcing sexual harassment training include New York, New York state, Illinois, California, Connecticut, Maine, and Delaware, many areas still don’t provide such training to all employees.

Below, we take a look at why sexual harassment prevention training must be undertaken across the country and who could benefit. Both employers and employees can prevent misconduct in the workplace with the right knowledge in place. Without training, however, this creates a huge issue across many work environments as people feel increasingly unsafe when at their jobs.

Who should take harassment training courses?

When it comes to workplace harassment prevention training almost anyone can benefit from taking such a course. By law, many areas of America have sexual harassment policies meaning employers must provide such training to employees. If you’re wondering who should take sexual harassment training, we’ve provided some helpful information in the guide written for anybody interested below:


Employees can benefit hugely from mandatory sexual harassment training and employers should make it a priority to provide training to all employees. Even if your business operates in a state outside of New York city for example whereby law training must be carried out, here’s how your employees could benefit from a course:

Ability to spot the signs

If employees are equipped to spot the signs of sexual harassment in the work environment they will be able to prevent it better. Many people fail to understand what is acceptable behavior and what is not which causes many issues amongst employees. By making it clear what is classed as sexual harassment by providing thorough training in this area, colleagues will be empowered to spot the signs and follow through with appropriate actions.

A more positive workforce

A team that works together to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace is going to be stronger than a team that does not. Employers must recognize that by making training for all employees compulsory, everyone will be on the same page. This will create a more positive workplace all round as employees will support each other and feel collectively safe.

Understand what to do if harassment takes place

When sexual harassment takes place, often the victim will feel ashamed or at the very least unsure of what to do next. By putting a clear sexual harassment prevention policy in place, employees will know what to do next. This can reduce the number of sexual harassment complaints overall as the behavior itself will result in serious consequences inclusive of firing.


Any manager of any company should undertake sexual harassment training to help benefit their workforce and themselves. No matter the size of your business, both employers and employees should participate in a sexual harassment training program. There are several ways in which an employer can benefit including the following:

Identifying sexual harassment

It is the manager’s duty to be able to carry out the right actions when sexual harassment takes place in the work environment. By being able to clearly identify what is not acceptable behavior, a manager will help their team to feel safer. While it may not be the law in your state to undergo this type of training, harassment training will benefit any employer.

Understanding what actions to carry out

An employer must have a clear procedure for when sexual harassment cases are reported to them. Training in sexual harassment prevention will help with the creation of such a procedure and consequential actions. The victim will require adequate support while the rest of the team will have to be made to feel comfortable and safe in the workplace too.


Any organization can benefit from sexual harassment training inclusive of both employees and employers. If your organization operates outside of a state such as New York where harassment training is compulsory you should consider putting it in place. New employees must be trained so they can understand the boundaries in the workplace culture and what is deemed acceptable and non-acceptable behavior.

With a clear complaint process and additional training available, your team will be best equipped to spot sexual harassment, prevent it, and report it. All workplaces should be safe for teams to work to the best of their ability, with sexual harassment training you are one step closer to achieving this.

Is it mandatory to take a training course?

Sexual harassment training is not compulsory in every state in America, though employers should definitely carry out such training as should their employees. By law, in some cities such as New York, employers must a sexual harassment policy and they must provide training for new employees and existing employees.

Employees are required to understand how sexual harassment is defined and what should be done if they are a victim of this type of harassment. Without proper training in place, it can be difficult to ensure that a workforce is on the same page and that they know what to do if they’re a victim.

You can expect a training course in sexual harassment to include topics inclusive of the following:

If you are an employer considering providing this type of training to your team, the above information should outline exactly why employees should undertake these courses. While Connecticut and Maine have made it the law for employers to be required to provide sexual harassment prevention courses as of 2020, many states still have their own laws.

As you can see from the above information, by putting sexual harassment training in place for employees, everyone will benefit making it less likely for these negative actions to occur.