Why is Sexual Harassment Training Important?

In this short article, we are going to be covering why sexual harassment prevention training is incredibly important for the well being of employees, managers, and the company as a whole. Not only is workplace harassment prevention training beneficial to conduct in the workplace, but it also contributes to a wider understanding of harassment in everyday life.

Employers will feel a great sense of security that this sort of training provides, in knowing that all employees are aware of sexual harassment, what to do if it is suspected in the workplace and what the correct protocol is.

Why should my team have harassment training?

As an employer or company owner, you might think it’s unnecessary. However, in some states, there are legal requirements for this kind of training, as it is extremely important for the well being of all employees and employers. Below, it will be discussed what benefits this training can bring.

Benefits to Employees

Sexual harassment training will make every employee feel safer at work. This is because if an employee is feeling like they are being harassed but they are too scared to speak up about it, this training will inform other employees on what harassment looks like, meaning that it’s more likely to be recognized and dealt with appropriately.

These training courses are extremely beneficial to employees, by teaching the correct conduct if any harassment occurs.

Benefits to Managers

Managers are in a position of power, meaning that their responsibility is to keep everyone safe. They need to be aware of the correct protocol if any sexual harassment is happening in the workplace, but they also need to be aware of it so there is no risk of them abusing their power themselves.

Sexual harassment training is particularly useful in being aware of what is appropriate, so there is no ambiguity around behavior.

This type of training means that managers will have greater confidence in what to do if anything is reported. This is particularly vital in keeping everyone in the workplace safe.

Benefits to the Company

It is extremely important, and in some cases required, to provide sexual harassment training to all employees. If employees have a good knowledge of the sexual harassment policy, it means that the company will run smoother for the employer.

Furthermore, this type of training can encourage stronger relationships amongst employees. In the long run, this will have a greater overall benefit to the employer and the company. With knowledge of correct conduct, it will mean that employers will have greater faith that everyone is aware of how they should act, meaning that the risk of sexual harassment is reduced through training.

In the United States, there are mandatory sexual harassment training requirements. For example, in New York City and New York State, the law reads that employers must provide training that employees must take. Similarly, the state of Delaware’s law says that employees have to have sexual harassment training and that training must be provided at least once every two years.