When do new employees need sexual harassment training?

If you’re seeking advice for when new employees in your company need sexual harassment training, you’re in the right place.

Unfortunately, workplace harassment is an ongoing issue that requires more action from managers. We cover everything that you need to know about when to train your new staff members on sexual harassment so that your entire team is protected.

We detail information on which areas require such training by law and how your workplace can benefit too. Read on to learn everything needed surrounding new employees and these types of courses.

Providing Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment training for managers and training courses for employees will differ in some aspects, however, much of the content is the same. If you’re a manager and you’re unsure of who needs training – to avoid harassment in the workplace-, the answer is everyone: inclusive of yourself.

Who should receive training?

In some areas such as New York, sexual harassment training is mandatory. This means that all new and existing employees are required to provide evidence that they’ve had such training. By law, managers in Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, and North Carolina to name just a few must provide their employees with some form of sexual harassment training.

You must check the rules in your state to review what is expected of you. Sexual based harassment courses can vary from short online courses (less than an hour-long) to in-depth modules. There are also details about what such training should cover which should be followed. If you do not follow the laws set out in your area you will be held accountable.

How often should employees receive training?

The time frames set out for sexual harassment and discrimination training to be revisited varies from place to place. Some states in the U.S make it compulsory for training to be carried out every 2 years while others have their own rules. Again, we strongly advise you to review the requirements as part of the laws where your company operates to get a clear idea of what is expected.

In general, employers should provide adequate training to their employees to ensure the prevention of sexual harassment. Without doing so you risk affecting work performance and other related issues such as absenteeism. Even in states where it is not required to provide sexual harassment courses, the benefits of doing so are immeasurable.

Overall, you can expect a better work environment and a place where all team members are on the same page and know what is and what isn’t acceptable in the workplace.

What are an employer's responsibilities?

As mentioned, responsibilities in terms of sexual harassment prevention training vary from area to area. You should review the state laws where your business operates to understand what is required of you. Some states such as New York require every business owner to provide training to their employees and each year thereafter. There are also details surrounding the type of sexual harassment courses that are acceptable inclusive of e-learning.

If you’re seeking information on sexual harassment training requirements for your organization, be sure to review the laws to be sure.