Who can conduct sexual harassment training in Florida?

Wherever you are in the country, it’s increasingly important that your company conducts sexual harassment prevention training. With an unfortunate increasing rate of workplace harassment, any employers are highly recommended to provide training to their employees.

Importantly, this is regardless of whether sexual harassment training law is mandatory for the state. For example, in Florida, sexual harassment training requirements are dictated upon general recommendation – as opposed to being required by laws.

Therefore, this short article will give a round-up of sexual harassment training in Florida. In discussing the contents, delivery, and benefits of sexual harassment training, anyone will see that such workplace training can be beneficial to both state employees, and their employers.

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Harassment Training in Florida

The first thing to note is that sexual harassment policy is not unanimous across the United States. When it comes to sexual harassment training, Florida has an entirely different protocol to cities such as New York.

So: what should sexual harassment training requirements cover? How can companies best protect their employees – ensuring affirmative action and equal opportunity for all?

Let’s take a look.

What should training cover?

Given that sexual harassment training requirements are commonplace for employees such as supervisors of the state government’s executive branch agencies, it’s key to know what these sorts of training requirements truly comprise.

Whilst it’s imperative that employees are given training regarding sexual harassment in the workplace, such training requirements consist of a wider approach to employment harassment training.

In short, any successful sexual harassment training course will also cover all examples of unlawful harassment – as outlined by laws.

This may include harassment from both employers and colleagues in the form of:

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Who can provide it?

Your next queries will probably center on who can provide this sexual harassment training, and when. Whilst states such as New York have training requirements on an annual basis, as dictated by law, Florida does not hold such sexual harassment policies.

However, it is very easy to provide training on sexual harassment for your employees; such training is generally provided by companies in the form of courses or other such training, which can then be distributed by employers to supervisors, managers, and other members of the work environment.

Through rigorous training, it is ensured that sexual harassment does not become commonplace in Florida’s offices.

What training is available?

Many different modes of training on sexual harassment are available to meet Florida’s training requirements. Of course, the designers of such teaching have to be conscious that their delivery is accessible to all. If training is online, for example, this needs to be tailored to disabled users and those that are less reliant upon technology.

With this in mind, here are just some of the training outlets available to meet training requirements:

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