Documenting Harassment Training in California

Given the growing incidence of sexual harassment throughout the country, it’s no wonder that sexual harassment prevention training is either legally required or at least heavily recommended.

In CA, sexual harassment training requirements are leading a shining example for other states – and it’s plain to see why. Such leading regulations state that:

With all of the training courses that employers must provide – whether this is online sexual misconduct training or in-person, there’s no doubt that this state is one of the leading areas for reducing harassment in the workplace.

However, what happens when it comes to documenting this sexual harassment training?

Harassment Training Document Laws in California

Training has many different requirements – and these can be difficult for employers to keep track of. With differing hours of training required for supervisory employees and other employees, and training to be conducted by an attorney practicing employment law under the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, there’s certainly a lot to remember.

This is where training documentation comes in.

To ensure that employees are fairly and regularly trained in preventing harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, employers in California are required to keep documentation of the sexual harassment training sessions undertaken.

What documentation is required?

There’s a long, extensive list of details that need to be documented. Whilst tenuous and meticulous, this documentation ensures that the training given to prevent sexual harassment is thorough and coherent.

Such documentation includes:

Thankfully, there is a range of companies and sites that can offer affordable training in the prevention of sexual harassment, to ensure every workplace complies with state law – and we’ll show you some of these below.

How long should an employer keep documentation?

Any training must be documented and kept by law for as long as employees remain employed at a particular firm or organization. This allows for an assessment of employees’ conduct should a harassment complaint be filed.

Whilst documentation may need to be updated or trained to suit new law, particularly with the hiring of new employees, old documentation is advised to be kept to provide a thorough and complete record.

When should documentation be updated?

Documentation must be updated every time an employee completes a new course of conduct training. According to state laws in California, employees must be re-trained every 2 years… so keep a hold of the dates and expect your paperwork to increase accordingly.