What is the Purpose of Sexual Harassment Training?

Workplace sexual harassment is one of the most commonly occurring forms of harassment, and it can affect men and women of all positions. Therefore, making sure that all members of your team have received anti-sexual harassment training is a vital way to improve the workspace for all employees.

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Not only does employee training reduce the risk of incidents at work, but it can benefit your organization on all levels. Staff members will feel safer, while managers will feel confident when handling potential complaints. Overall, making sure that all members of staff have access to sexual harassment training programs will vastly improve company culture, and it can even increase productivity.

If you’re considering anti-sexual harassment training for your company, but want to find out more – then this little guide will explain exactly why training is important, and how it can benefit your workplace in a range of ways.

Why is Sexual Harassment Training Important?

Employee Benefits

Providing sexual harassment training to employees comes with a variety of advantages.

Research shows that it’s a great way to help your staff feel safer at work, and it can raise awareness of the importance of appropriate behavior, and also reduce potential risk factors. Many training providers include bystander intervention training, to help staff members recognize cases of harassment at work, and step in to assist anyone who is being harassed.

Anti sexual harassment programs are also a good way to ensure that all employees know what company policy is, and how to get help if they feel harassed. Making sure that staff knows their company is willing and able to help them is an excellent way to make certain that they feel valued and protected at work.

Company Benefits

Anti-harassment training also has many benefits for the company as a whole.

It’s a good way to make sure that your managers are equipped with the right knowledge, so they can set an example to other staff members, and handle sexual harassment complaints in the best way possible. When managers are trained in identifying and preventing workplace harassment, they’re able to help ensure that all staff members feel protected at work.

Many training program providers will also offer advice on your organization’s harassment policy. This way, you can make sure that your policy is up to date and comprehensive, and discover new ways to implement it correctly.

Ensuring that your company is well equipped to protect staff from harassment in the workplace is sure to reduce potential incidents, and overall make it a welcoming and productive space.


Does Sexual Harassment Training Work?

Providing access to anti-sexual harassment courses is one of the most effective ways to reduce incidents at work. It educates the entire team and promotes appropriate behavior, which will greatly diminish any potential risks. It also ensures that staff knows how to get help if they need it and that managers know how to handle complaints sensitively.

Ensuring that your company has a strong stance on harassment prevention is vital for creating a welcoming workplace culture, and ensuring that all team members feel protected.