How Much Does Sexual Harassment Training Cost?

Sexual harassment training is perhaps not as expensive as you think.

In this short article, we will discuss the various types of training that companies can buy and also why training is so important in the workplace. Sexual harassment training may not be as expensive as you think, so it’s useful to research the various courses available.

How much will a training course cost?

When looking to buy workplace harassment prevention training, it is a good idea to shop around for different training courses to find the best price available for your company. But what are the average costs for this sort of training?

Average Course Cost

In terms of average cost, online training is generally cheaper than in-person training. There are various types of fairly priced eLearning courses and training programs. Most companies offer online sexual harassment training courses, making the price a bit cheaper. It is quite easy for human resources to find cheap sexual harassment training with a satisfactory user experience.

Generally, the price for this sort of harassment prevention training gets cheaper the more employees you buy licenses for. The price often varies between $12 and $30 per employee, but again, this will heavily depend on how many licenses you purchase and where you purchase them from.

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There are different types of courses you can buy, as different states have different requirements. Some courses offer multi-state cover, whilst others just cover certain states, such as California, Connecticut, and New York. It is also useful to look up the training requirements for your state; as states such as New York have a law stating employees must complete a sexual harassment training course. If you have employees that travel to different states, it might be worth investing in a course that covers multi states. To find the right course and price for your business, you must weigh up everything you need out of a course. This will ensure that you can work cost-effectively.

Why is training important?

Sexual harassment prevention training is extremely important for many reasons. Sexual harassment in the workplace occurs more than you might think.

This is why employees must know what sexual harassment looks like – so they know when to report it to a manager.

Moreover, it is also equally essential for them to know what harassment is – so there are no ambiguities around their own behavior.

This is why these types of sexual harassment courses are so necessary and will make employees, managers, and the business run smoother. This type of prevention is essential for a happy and healthy workplace.

Having this sort of training will make employees feel safer and more comfortable in the workplace, meaning that the organization will work more effectively as a whole.

Some states in the US deem workplace harassment training as so important, they are actually mandatory. For example, some state requirements like in New York City, are that employees have to complete this type of course.

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